CV-19 Announcement:


New Date Confirmed for Wigflex City Festival - October 9th 2021

You lot know the drill.. We won't bang on about the profound impact that the past year has had on us all but now we’re ready for the light at the end of this long tunnel by confirming a new date and concept for Wigflex City Festival 2021.

As some of you may know, behind the scenes we’ve spent the past year planning our most ambitious events and socially distanced experiences to date. For one reason or another every time we were ready to announce, another government fuckery would send us 10 steps back.

At the time it felt like one big sick joke, but this year we turn 15 and we’ve decided to showcase all of these previously planned experiences at Wigflex’s 15th Birthday Festival on the new date of October 9th 2021.

Expect the same multi-venue day/night with some of the heaviest hitters in the game (old Flex family favourites and debut performances a plenty) plus all of the weird and wonderful interactive experiences we’ve been cooking up over the past year.

As an independent business reliant on people coming together to have fun, you’ll already know how hard it’s been hard for us to even get to this stage (without any government support / funding at all).. so being able to announce this at all is a big moment for us. We're so excited to finally put the last year behind us and move forward with all of our might to curate the most spectacular showcase of all the things Wigflex have become synonymous for over the past 15 years. We really hope you can join us.

All previously purchased festival tickets will be valid for the new date and full refunds will be available to anyone who is unable to attend. Please visit the refund page via our website and make sure to submit all requests by midnight on March 14th 2021. Any ticket holders who have not submitted a request by this date will automatically have their ticket rolled over to the new date.

As always, we want to say a huge thanks to those that have supported us over the years and allow us to keep doing what we do. We can't wait to come out of this with a bang and celebrate our 15th birthday with you all in true Flex fashion. See you down the front!

Big love,