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Wigflex City Festival 2021

Staff Info


Shift Info (as per email)

Your role at the festival

Every single role is vital to the overall smooth running of the festival and in order to make sure that our staff, artists, punters and venue owners have the best day imaginable, we're that all staff agree to the following by signing below:

- Attend your designated briefing on time
- Arrive no less than 15 mins before your shift
- Get in touch with Avarni ASAP if for any reason you are no longer able to work with us on the day
- No drinking on the job
- No sneaking in mates
- No slying drinks from the bar
- Nothing but good energy - Be sound as fuck with all of our staff, artists, punters and venue owners at all times



All information has now been submitted and you are confirmed to be working with us as part of Wigflex City Festival 2021


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